Sunday Afternoon Program

25 10 2009

The international films continue on Sunday with a series of powerful documentaries in the ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM at 11:45 featuring:

Battle for the Xingu a short documentary from Brazil, about The Xingu, a tributary of the Amazon which is home to over 10,000 indegenous people who rely on the river for survival.

The Enduring Call a short film about California’s Salton Sea, the vast inland lake that was once a paradise of biodiversity, is now an ecological netherworld where nature struggles to exist.

Every Tree tracks the work of the Armenia Tree Project (ATP), a non-profit program based in Watertown, MA and Yerevan, Armenia, which conducts vitally important environmental projects in Armenia’s impoverished and deforested zones.

Stuff.Inc. a short satire about a happy-go-lucky hillbilly that enjoys the wealth and thrills of his native wilderness, until the “Stuff Company,” the ultimate global corporation, moves in with all the trappings of consumerism and with the fierce intention of taking him away for indoctrination.

Voice of the Voiceless  a searing graphic short film from Armenia which documents the lives of farm animals from ill-fated birth to inevitable and agonizing death, “Voice of the Voiceless” pits the animal at the center of the story.

Water First a 2008 documentary about  Charles Banda, a humble, local Malawian fireman turned water activist. Through his story we see how water is a solution to many of the problems in his impoverished, sub-Saharan country.

And finally,  at 2:15pm, Arpa International Film Festival is proud to screen Nian Liu”s beautifully shot feature film LI TONG, about an 8-year old girl exploring the colorful streets and characters of modern Beijing…

Li Tong Poster Still 3



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