18 10 2009


SUREN MANUKYAN, writer/director

The actors in this animation film are humanoid dresses. He-dress and she-dress are happily married, until he betrays her upon encountering a waitress. Then, he-dress and the waitress poison she-dress, who ends up in a garbage zone. Despair seems endless until it turns out that she-dress may still be needed by someone.

Screening: Saturday Oct 24th, 9:30 pm

dress story

1. Tell us a little about yourself and where you have lived, highlighting any major cultural identities that define, influence or challenge you in your life.

I live in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. I graduated from the Department of TV Journalism, from the Yerevan State Pedagogical University.

2. How did you come to be a filmmaker, and where/how did you learn the “craft” of filmmaking?

Actually nobody taught 2D or 3D animation, I learned all by myself. At last I found my real self in animated cartoons of different styles and genres.

3. What prompted the idea for your film and how did it evolve?

I noticed a big lack of deep personalities in my environment, and that fact influenced me to make my movie.

4. What movies would you say have transformed or changed the way you see the world?

I would mention a few movies that impressed me very much – “Stalker” and “Solaris” by Andrey Tarkovski, “Life as a Miracle” by Emir Kusturica and “Amelie” by Jean Pierre Jeunet.

There are also a few great individuals & artists that have influenced a lot of ideas in my projects such as Salvador Dali, Sartre, Kobo Abe and Garcia Marquez, generally the art of 20th century.



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