6 10 2009


ALFONSO CAMARERO, director, producer and scriptwriter

A gynecologist is at work at her hospital as on any typical day. But her next patient….is a boy! Naturally the gynecologist throw out the joker. But he returns with the gynecologist’ supervisor, who orders the doctor to attend to the patient. Is it a joke or a conspiracy?

This gynecologist’s troubles are only just beginning…

alfonso still

1. Tell us a little about yourself and where you have lived, highlighting any major cultural identities that define, influence or challenge you in your life.

I was born and live in Galicia, a little region that belongs to Spain but is slightly different. The topics about Spanish people don’t fit with us, and even we have our own language, the Galician, which is the original language of the film “A Xinecóloga”, which means “The (female) gynecologist”

2. How did you come to be a filmmaker, and where/how did you learn the “craft” of filmmaking?

I studied philosophy and sound, and I began to go to shootings as sound technician. So I learned all by myself, watching what others was doing. But I’ve seen also a lot of movies, and that is very important too: like a child, in arts you must have some guide for your behavior!

3. What prompted the idea for your film and how did it evolve?

The film is a critic of the bureaucracy and the politically correct behavior, which in the film is raised to the absurd. It’s about the intolerance of the tolerance!

4. What is your single favorite line from your film?

I can not reveal it!!

5. What movies would you say have transformed or changed the way you see the world?

There is a great film that changed my vision about life and cinema (among many others, of course):  Mon oncle d’amerique (My uncle from America), by Alain Resnais



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