5 10 2009
Arpa Foundation for Film, Music & Art (AFFMA)

Arpa Foundation for Film, Music & Art (AFFMA)

The Arpa International Film Festival is produced annually by the Arpa Foundation for Film Music & Arts (AFFMA). It is named after the Arpa River, which flows through Armenia. Symbolically, as water provides a source of life and energy, so does art to the human soul.

The organization is committed to promoting the arts as an active medium to generate social and cultural understanding.

As such, the annual film festival presents the works of local and international filmmakers who explore such issues as diaspora, war, genocide, dual-identity, exile, and multiculturalism – issues that are extremely relevant to the community of Los Angeles Armenians that founded the festival and to the global community at large.

In our continued effort to support and give exposure to filmmakers exploring subjects of social and cultural importance through their medium, we are very proud to present a new feature to this year’s festival activities: the ARPA FILMMAKER INTERVIEW SERIES.

In the lead-up to the Oct. 23-25 Festival weekend, we will be publishing interviews with the directors/producers/writers of many of the incredible films that have been selected to be screened as part of the 2009 program.

The intent of the interview series is to give readers a taste of the films to be screened, and compelling insight into the background and motivation of the filmmakers.

Check back soon, our first interview will be posted shortly!



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